It helps me that other people are reading what I write. It feels good to put the words down and post them. It feels calming. It feels like the little girl who was assaulted can finally call out for help AND get answers. Before, it felt like the world wanted me and the problems I made so obvious to just go away. This is me not going away.

Re-Do Again

GoodYear blimps and Sketchers shoes
Almay make-up and Taffy chews
Neither he nor she nor we, Hooray
Gender cloudy Render stay

Cantankerous and Howling ground
Blew and blew in rhyme and round
Earthy kittens, Jowly Winds, North
Sea ruiner. Reunion bends.

Lorvers Deearie Medeting Troyst
Cloying nonsense, slicing voice
Always never, speaking ever
Bleed me to thy perfect choice.

Tonight I yelled in the car. I just yelled the word “No” over and over and listened to the reverberations as it rang around the inside of my vehicle. I listened to the sound of it. It sounded real. A real voice of a real person. It sounded good. Good like a medicine.



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