In 30 minutes or less


It’s not eloquent but in the right context it is appropriately expressive. Cuss words: the much maligned & under-appreciated power houses whose commonality is often mistakenly equated with worthlessness. 

I find  it odd to be writing an ode to foul language Now. Here. In this head. Behind these eyes. I love that scraping sensation between expected and strange. When sparks fly. Energy from potential. Potential energy from behind the veil. 

I know we the anxious, the traumatized, the vulnerable; we seek out conventional and unsurprising things in our entertainment. Life has enough real life, yes? I don’t judge. Wellll yes I do tho. I do judge. Myself most of all. It’s the judgements that I finally became uncomfortable with; those blessed thoughts tipped me off to the intense brainwashing that I was hiding from myself. Payback is a bitch especially when you are down the foodchain from someone who has power over you: and I do NOT mean payback towards them. I mean I am still being paid the back taxes on all the abuse and neglect that powerful people once inflicted on me. And I feel so disappointed that I have to come to terms with that. Some people never suffer for what they’ve done. I suppose that’s the seduction of believing in an afterlift: all those mothaffukers will finally get what’s coming to them. I’d love to see that. Everyone would. 

I’ve never met a justice but I’ve seen one on TV. 

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